Allah + You = Enough

Allah + You = Enough

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Voluntary Activity at English Zone Pekanbaru

I joined English Zone in 2011. It was initiated when my friends asked me to take part in English Debate Competition at Islamic University of Riau. Since then I was really active involving in any activities held by English Zone. Things that I love was there are always many foreigners, so I can practice English with them. Beside it develop my speaking skill, it also trained my confidence to communicate in English.

In 2012, I was asked to teach English for beginner level students at English Zone where many people come to learn. As I knew, it was the first beginner level class held at English Zone. The materials were quite monotoneous at the first time because we have to teach student based on materials given.

This voluntary activity have trained me to better in teaching English. I was really nervous at the first time because I have to teach the level of college students. I was really sweaty at that time. It was sometime quite hard to control my edginess where many people were staring at me waiting for what I am going to do. As time is changing, I got used to it. Now I can do it easily using interesting topic that people are talking about. This situation reminded me of the friend of mine saying that the fastest way for you to learn is by teaching. It is proven right that by teaching, it makes us learn fast before we are going to deliver the subject to our friends or students.

I have been done many discussions and beginner level classes so far. Those experiences are things that increase and develop my skills in term of knowledge and confidence. Thank you for all of my friends who are being my experiment voluntarily. Thank you for all of foreigners who help us in English Zone. I cannot mention them one by one, but they are really helpful and friendly. They changed my view of who they are.

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